Thomas M. Holt Masonic Lodge #492
Outstanding Philanthropic Organization - Alamance County
Nominated by Alamance Regional Charitable Foundation

Charity work is at the heart of The Masons’ mission and one cannot be a member without believing in this culture. The Masons are committed to organizations across Alamance County, which they support through both monetary contributions and volunteer support. The last three years, the Masons have received the William Richardson Davie, Lion & Pillar Award for a lodge of excellence. The organization supports Alamance County, Oxford, and Greensboro through their fundraisers and areas of importance, which are diverse, including seniors, children, breast cancer patients, and those who need a blood transfusion.  


The Masons solicit sponsors for a variety of local fundraising events and publicize them through Facebook and to their own membership. Through volunteering, they show the community and young members that one can get engaged and make a difference without having to pull out a check book. Their president addresses community support in their quarterly newsletters and encourages the group to strive to new fundraising goals. Lodge #492 is a long-time supporter of Alamance Regional Charitable Foundation, supporting key community events including Pink Pancakes, the Pink Ribbon Luncheon and the Black and White Ball, all raising funds to support local breast cancer services.  


The group understands that succeeding in raising money means appealing to different groups and soliciting in a variety of ways, such as corporate sponsorships, mini-golf tournaments, raffles, blood drives, and cooking pink pancakes. No matter how big or small, each fundraiser supports a different, diverse, and at-risk population. The Lodge’s focus is on raising money for the most vulnerable groups in our communities, which also inspires hope to those who need it the most. 

"As charity is one of the principle tenets of Freemasonry, we have a social responsibility within our communities of philanthropy by giving unselfishly of our time to promote the betterment of all mankind. The brethren of Thomas M. Holt Lodge No. 492 endeavor to live by the moral and social virtues of faith, hope and charity in our everyday lives."

- Members of Thomas M. Holt Lodge No. 492

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Pictured: Members of the Thomas M. Holt Mason Lodge No. 492 (top)
and Lodge members with staff from 
Alamance Regional Charitable 
Foundation (bottom).