Guilford Education Alliance
Outstanding Philanthropic Organization - Greensboro
Nominated by Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro, Inc.

Guilford Education Alliance is an independent non-profit committed to maximizing support for Guilford County Schools so all children thrive and are prepared for the future and building a vibrant public-school system that develops talent and attracts jobs and families to Guilford County.  Guilford Education Alliance engages the community in partnerships with schools, advocates for strong investments in Guilford County Schools, and provides monetary support for strategic school projects including Teacher Supply Warehouse, donation drives, and educational efforts regarding school system budgets and school bonds.    

As the COVID-19 crisis unfolded, Guilford Education Alliance worked with Guilford County Schools on plans for school shutdowns.  They quickly identified significant technology needs in the school population. Guilford Education Alliance raised $750,000 to acquire and distribute 10,000 laptops to students without necessary devices and an additional $125,000 for internet hotspots.  The severe inequities created by the lack of technology exacerbated already challenging circumstances for the County’s most vulnerable students and families. Guilford Education Alliance acted quickly and prudently to resolve the issue and helped stem the tide of isolation and inequity.  

Part of Guilford Education Alliance’s core function is to provide programming that educates residents about the public school system, needs of our young people, and opportunities to serve and give.  Through its committees and advisory groups, Guilford Education Alliance provides a myriad of opportunities for those that care about education to be involved as leaders and philanthropists.   

Great communities have great schools. We all have a role to play in the success of our schools–in how we vote, how we invest, how we donate, how we volunteer. Education is everyone’s business and when we all work together to support students, teachers and schools, we are ensuring a bright future for our community.

- Guilford Education Alliance        

Pictured: Winston McGregor, President of Guilford Education Alliance (in blue), joined by fellow GEA staff members.