Faye Boswell
Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser - Alamance County
Nominated by AuthoraCare Collective

Over the past 30 years, Faye Boswell has worked alongside the CEO of Hospice of Alamance-Caswell and its senior leadership team serving as a fundraiser, a volunteer manager, and a passionate community advocate. While Boswell never received a paycheck, she would say that the opportunity to serve in such a meaningful way was payment enough. Beginning in 1988, when she first completed training to become a Hospice patient volunteer through founding the Hospice League and presiding as its President years later, Faye’s vision, drive, and charisma kept the need for a Hospice Home top-of-mind for volunteers and donors.  

Faye and the Hospice League are credited with raising over $20 million dollars over the past 30 years. She engaged and directed hundreds of fundraising volunteers to achieve the goal she set in 1989 to raise enough money to purchase a Hospice Home. When Faye first began as a volunteer fundraiser, she had no idea where her path would lead. She was confident she would find success because she believed in the value of a strong local hospice, and that belief was deepened in 2017, when her husband became ill and was admitted to the Hospice Home.  

One of the most remarkable aspects of Faye’s contribution is the fact that the first Hospice Flea Market held in August 1990 has been held every August for the past 21 years and has raised more than $5 million dollars. Her dedication has helped create a fundraiser that has grown from an annual weekend event to a year-round thrift store averaging $100,000 a month in sales. Faye’s vision and knowledge of her home community enabled her to nurture an event that had the capacity to expand its scope and profitability.  

Through her passion and commitment, Faye Boswell has inspired others to learn about Hospice and the need to expand services. She has encouraged a community to support and invest in meaningful end-of-life care.  

"To me, philanthropy means somebody who has the time, talent and the will to get out and do something to make someone else’s life a little bit better. People believed in me and believed in the cause, stood beside me and were willing to work with me to see the dream come true. We had one dream–to build a home for people who either didn’t have a home or the level of care was inadequate in their dying days. We wanted a place where families and loved ones would feel welcome as well. The Hospice Home opened on April 11, 1994 and it has been that for so many patients and their families. Every time, I ride by the Hospice Home, I blow it a kiss.


For those who are interested in philanthropy, Boswell recommended that they: “Have a reason. Have a purpose. Be honest. Step forward with the will, guts and stamina and you can accomplish anything. When I would ask people to help raise funds–whether it was for the Hospice Flea Market, Balloon Festival or golf tournament, I would tell them that I was a volunteer. This money was going toward a higher purpose. I was here for the philanthropy. It was amazing to me the people who stepped forward to help."

- Faye Boswell                      

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Pictured center, L-R: 

Patti Gasparello, Director of Kids Path; Gayle Scott, Director of Family Services; Peter Barcus, retired CEO of Hospice and Palliative Care of Alamance-Caswell; Ronnie Strickland; Sharon Graham, Director of Facilities on the Burlington campus (seated); Caroline Durham, Chief Financial Officer (seated); Faye Boswell; and Kristen Yntema, CEO/President of AuthoraCare Collective.