Bryn Hermansen and FemFest
Emerging Philanthropist
Nominated by Family Services of Forsyth County

For the past 6 years, Bryn Hermansen has been hosting FemFest in Winston-Salem to raise money for Family Services’ Domestic Violence Shelter. In addition to raising needed funds to protect and support women who have fled abuse, the concert raises awareness in the community against domestic violence and sexual assault. All bands are female fronted, supported or dominated to showcase music as a healthy outlet. Bryn secures the bands and the silent auction items and promotes the event with only promotional assistance from Family Services staff. In 2019, Bryn donated $4,000 to Family Services from FemFest activities.  

Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, Bryn plans to virtually celebrate FemFest and hopes to raise funds to support the cause she and her other fellow musician care about so much.  Bryn is always reaching out, asking how she can support Family Services. Her commitment has already raised thousands of dollars and, maybe more importantly, community awareness around domestic violence and sexual assault.   

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"Philanthropy, to me, is the simple act of utilizing any privileges you have to really help leave this world a little better than when you got here. Whether those privileges look like time, connections, experience or just a stable mental health day, it only takes a definitive first step to doing your part."

- Bryn Hermansen           

Bryn Hermansen- Award.jpg

Pictured: Bryn Hermansen receives her award at Family Services in Winston-Salem.