Annika Deshpande
Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy - Greensboro
Nominated by Tiny Houses Community Development

After moving from Sweden to Greensboro in 2018, high school student Annika Deshpande quickly became involved in Tiny Houses Community Development’s (THCD) initiative Breakfast 4 Our Friends, which provided a hot breakfast for homeless community members.


Since then, she has been active in submitting grant proposals to local grocery stores, like ALDI, Food Lion, and Wal-Mart, to secure money for food donations. She has formed valuable partnerships between these businesses and Tiny Houses Community Development. Her goal is for grocery stores to donate in-kind healthy food that otherwise would be thrown out to local feeding initiatives. She has been educating grocery chains on relevant U.S. laws that encourage stores to donate good, but unsold food and easing fears of causing harm to recipients. Guilford County has 25 food deserts, and Annika is passionate about ensuring that no one goes hungry. 


The future of Guilford County is bright with young people like Annika leading the charge! 

Annika_Deshpande 3.png

"After working with Breakfast 4 our Friends in Tiny Houses, I really came to enjoy my interactions with the different people and felt great joy in seeing their faces as I served them a hot cup of coffee. From then on, I knew that I wanted to do more to help them. I really value giving back as I’ve seen how the slightest actions also have an impact on people’s lives. I think what Tiny Houses is doing in the Triad area is beyond amazing and am glad to be a small part of it."

- Annika Deshpande         

Pictured (center): Jeff Egerton, Chair of the Board of Directors for Tiny Houses Community Development presents Annika Deshpande with her award.